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overcoming fear

Recognizing the Fear

It’s no secret that many of us aren’t reaching our potential because we’re simply SCARED to take the necessary steps to get there. No matter who it is that we may admire or look up to, at some point in their journey, they experienced the same feelings that you may be experiencing now. The only difference is, they decided to step up, put their fear and hesitancy to the side, and took the plunge.

We may feel that we want to “take the plunge” but most of us get to the pool of success, and only put our toe in to test the waters… some of us are so fearful that we only sit on the pool chair and watch everyone else in the pool enjoying themselves.  Can you relate to this scenario?

I know that has been me on MANY occasions, and still continues to be… See, I don’t proclaim to have “arrived” but instead would like to share with the world, as I’m on my journey, that I am going through it too. I am human to. I fear like anyone else fears because, IT’s NATURAL!!! So how do we get past that gut wrenching, getting ready to get ready feeling and mentality? I’ll tell you the “HOW TO” in the next section but the first step is RECOGNIZING it and not denying it. Look at it as if you were an Alcoholics Anonymous… They say that it’s a 12-step program, and the first step is what?

Admittance… its only through admitting that you have a problem, that you will recognize it, realize it, then begin your journey to face and overcome it.

Facing And Overcoming The Monster Called “Fear”

Had I known earlier in my life that making a few different decisions would change my outlook on taking on challenges, I would have made them. You see, when I was younger I was extremely introverted. You know, scared of everybody and everything. The only way I’d make friends would be if they came and approached me first. But you see, I had no idea back than that the source of my  of my fear was the fear of rejection AND the fear of the unknown. I never joined any teams or clubs to build my confidence like most children did back then, I was a “loner”. I kept all kinds of feelings, wants, likes, and dislikes to myself thus becoming “safe” with only myself.

What’s wrong with feeling safe within only myself?

I built up a tolerance to change and challenge. In other words, I was fearful to go all out and try new things, exploit my talents, and prove to myself that I was more than what I thought I was. Some of you can relate to this, I know you can.

Such is the same in most of our adult lives. We struggle with change, fear the unknown, and settle for certainty which conforms us to the boundaries of OTHERS’ limitations, wants, dreams and desires. We’re used to being told what to do and how to do it.

This is the story of our lives isn’t it? Edwin Lewis Cole once said “Don’t let others create your world for you. For when they do, they’ll always create it too small.” We’re taught this from birth. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with following the rules, or listening to good instruction. that isn’t the point I’m getting to. the point is that there are going to be rules and regulations in our lives, but they always leave room for us to push the envelope. THIS is what we’re not taught.

The best example I can think of now is the military. The Army uses the slogan “Be all you can be” right? But this is what they TRAIN people to do. They make sure you know and understand all of their rules and regulations, but within that look to bring the inner strength out of you, face and overcome fear and obstacles. This is how you create a person with a mind of focus, determination, will, and desire. We can learn a lot from the military’s plan of action. Here are a few things we can implement in our lives that will begin to develop the same concept within ourselves to help us to face our fears:

    1. Focus/Goal Setting: Write down what you TRULY want and desire out of yourself and life. Don’t worry about it being pretty or looking presentable because you are the only one that will be looking at this. To jog your brain a bit to get this started, begin with writing what you like and disl