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                                                                                            INTERNET MARKETING

mon.jpgInternet marketing also known as I-marketing, web marketing,Online marketing, E-marketing. I now the question which is ringing in your mind is "what is internet marketing" but it basically involves marketing on the internet. You can do this business in two ways -that is by advertising other people's products and services as a affiliate and get commission or become a product publisher you self . But which is the best?. The two are best but majority chooses to market other people's products because has no risk . what they have to do is to sent traffic and get paid.


Network marketing also known as Multi-level marketing (MLM) It means utilizing you network and building new network of customers and distributors to generate sales of product and services.
17155.jpgHow can i begin
It is very easy to begin just as adding one and one to get two. But where does one begin ?. For you to begin this business you should have your own website, with your domain name. Note that when we talk about website for marketing did not mean the free website eg www.mysite.company.com. Your site should have this format www.mysite.com, www.mysite.net etc. The questions in your mind may be are: what is domain name? and how can i get this domain name?
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Domain name


The word domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control in the internet. It can be used in various networking contexts and application specific naming and addressing purpose. So before starting building your site you should register your domain name.GoDaddy.com - World's No.1 Domain Name Registrar
How can i get domain name?

it is so easy because you just acquire domain online from companies which offers domain services regardless where you are. So do you want to begin?. get your domain name now.Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy ,
. .CA Domains now available at GoDaddy....,or.MOBI Domains from GoDaddy.com.Also you can type your desired domain below and register now..